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Date(s) - Saturday Feb 26
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

We are hosting a music filled weekend to celebrate Mardi Gras and can not wait for you to hear this band! Southside Soul Kings is a high energy band that plays songs we all know and love in their own sweet style! “Live Music is the best music!”

Southside Soul Kings, are a group of seasoned pro musicians, who will bring our own brand of high energy high quality LIVE music to any event and any venue. We play a variety of Blues/R&B/Funky Soul and much more. Our backgrounds are as varied as our music, but we have one thing in common. We love entertaining in front of a live audience and making people smile. Let me introduce our band members:



Ed “Santa” Piane plays sax. Not just one but four. Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baratone. Ed also plays some harmonica and sings lead and backup when he doesn’t have a horn in his mouth.

Rick Summers plays Guitar and vocalizes. In his own words “I play the clown”. He is our Emcee.

John “Rockford Red” Mosley is our super bass man. He can make the Bass Guitar walk, talk, laugh and cry. Red sings a lot of lead and harmonizes when he sings backup.

Alan Pierce is our drummer. He does a fantastic job keeping us on track. His solos are outstanding. Al is younger than the rest of us, and we tease both ways about age, but he is a pro drummer and he is a Soulside Soul King.

Jeff Morris is the newest member of the band. Jeff plays lead Guitar, Keyboardand sings. Jeff has played with some of the greats, he also is working on original songs for us to play. I am personally amazed at the talent of this man.